山水信阳 休闲茶都——信阳旅游宣传片




  大河网讯 这里是华夏文明的发祥地之一;

  It is the cradle of Chinese civilization,


  It is a famous tea city,


  It is the city of Xinyang in China.



  Xinyang is located between Henan , Anhui and Hubei, between Dabie Mountains and Tongbai Mountains, south ofYangtze River and north ofHuai River and all of this gives it peculiar natural landscapes.


  Jigongshan is one example.



  It is noted for its characteristic Brocken bow, sea of clouds, rime, glaze ice, sunglow, exotic flowers and plants, unique mountains, rocks, waterfalls and springs.


  It is called Museum of World Architectures where more than 500 peculiar villas built by 23 countries in late Qing Dynasty can be found.


  Purdom Forest Park, another fairyland in Jigongshan National Natural Reserve, becomes a beautiful natural landscape for its rainy and humid climate between the subtropical zone and warm temperate zone.


  Jingangtai National Geopark in Shangcheng County, the main peak of Dabei Mountains, is famous for its characteristic mountains, streams and grotesque rocks.


  175-meter-high Canyon rafting in Jigangtai Xihe Scenic Spot, in particular, will intoxicate tourists all over the world.


  Natural hot springs in Tangquanchi will impress you with their wonderful healthy-keeping effects.


  Huangbai Mountains are a perfect combination of natural landscapes and cultural landscapes.


  JinlanDaoist Temple atop Jinlan Mountains in Xin County is famous as a magnificent Taoist holy shrine .


  In Xinyang more than 60 branches of Yangtze River and Huai River can be found and as a result numerous rivers, lakes and streams are formed, such as Pohe Dam, Niayushan Lake. Nanwan Lake, a National Forest Park and National Water Park in Xinyang, is praised as the most beautiful lake in Central China and attracts tourists all over China. Nanwan Fish, in particular, is the favorite delicacy of epicures.


  For its fine mountains and waters, Xinyang is home to Xinyang Maojian green tea, one of the 10 most famous teas in China.


  In Xinyang you can find tea plantations and smell fragrant tea everywhere.


  Xinyang Maojian green tea is well-known all over the world for its characteristic slim, round, smooth, straight, white-hair-filled appearances, fragrant smell and heavy taste.


  Xinyang Hong black tea is also becoming more and more famous for its fine raw material and high quality.


  Now Xinyang is devoted to push forward its tea industry and build a tea city of China.


  Cultural Xinyang


  Xinyang is the place where Confucius concluded his tour around the world and where many Chinese idioms came into being, such as “Ziluwenjin”, “Simaguangzagang” and “Wangyangbulao”.


  In addition, Xinyang is the birthplace of 13 Chinese surnames such as Jiang, Huang, Lai, and Luo. It is also the ancestral home of Hakka people because historically, under the leadership of Chen Yuanguang and Wang Shenzhi, two pioneers of Fujian, hundreds of thousands of inhabitants moved from Xinyang to Fujian and Zhejiang and then settled down all over the world.


  Xinyang is where cultures of Wu, Chu and Central China mixed and where the bell sets of Warring Period were unearthed. “Dongfanghong” (East is Red), a tune played by these bells, resounded through space along with the first man-made satellite of China.


  As one of the most ancient temples in China, Lingshan Temple has a history of more 1500 years. It is noted for the fact that Jianning Princess, daughter of Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty, became a nun and that it was named as “State Temple” by Zhu Yuanzhang, the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty.


  Xinyang is famous for its glorious revolutionary history. It is the capital of Hubei-Henan-Anhui Soviet Area during the period of Agrarian Revolution, cradle of Red Army’s Fourth Front Army, 25thArmy, 28thArmy, and birthplace of more than famous 100 generals, such as Xu Shiyou, Li Desheng, Zheng Weishan.

  活力信阳—— (区位交通乡村游物产城市名片)


  Xinyang is noted for its rural tourism. Haotang Village in Pingqiao Distrist and Xihewan Village in Xin County, for example, were repeatedly reported in CCTV news and became the model of New Rural Development and Rural Tourism Development.


  Xinyang is famous for its peculiar delicious stews such as NanwanLake fish head soup, duck soup, Luoshan large intestine soup, jar-stewed pork, Shangcheng bamboo tube-pickled fish and so on.


  As one ofthe44transporthub citiesin China, vigorous Xinyang has become part of the one-hour economic circle of Zhengzhou and Wuhan because of its convenient transportation: Beijing-GuangzhouHigh-speedRailway,Beijing-GuangzhouRailway,Beijing-KowloonRailway, Nanjing-Xi'anRailway, Beijing-Guangzhou-MacaoExpressway,Shanghai-Xi'an Expressway,Daqing-GuangzhouExpressway,NationalHighway 107,312, 106 crisscross it.

  国家卫生城市、国家级生态示范市、中国优秀旅游城市、中国最美丽城市、中国最具幸福感城市等一批荣誉”是信阳这个城市活力发展的最好注解,更让信阳人骄傲的是,信阳在连续八 届“中国十佳宜居城市”评选中榜上有名,绝无仅有!

  For its rapid development in recent years, Xinyang was praised as National Health City, National Ecological Model City, National Excellent Tourism City, the Most Beautiful and Happiest City and one of the 10 Most Livable Cities in China for 8 successive years.



  Livable Xinyang is waiting for you on vacation with open arms. Here you can forget all your troubles and get back to nature.

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